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Posted July 12, 2011

Book: Woman to Woman: Shall I Have This Baby?
An Anthology by Father John Catoir, JCD; Medical Experts Answer Your Questions by John T. Scully, MD, and Kimberly Scully, RNC
St. Pauls. Staten Island, NY. 2011. Pp. 125

An Excerpt from the Jacket:

When women from every walk of life and every part of the country were asked to tell their personal stories about romance, sex and unwanted pregnancy amazing stories came pouring in. some were heart-wrenching tales of loneliness, pain and fear; others were powerfully uplifting stories of how they overcame unbelievable odds, opposition from all sides, and total lack of support from those they most loved; all were fascinating and encouraging messages for those who may find themselves in similar situations. This book is for them.

An Excerpt from the Book:

What is going on inside of me during pregnancy? How am I going to feel?

How you feel will depend on your imagination. If you love your baby, you’ll feel great. The poem by Elizabeth L. Gramman explains.

Baby of Mine

Warm little fingers, tiny toes,
What a marvel to behold!

Soft baby eyes, trying to see,
Trusting eyes, looking back at me.

Warm little fingers, tiny toes,
Baby eyes, a world to see.

“Give me a chance to seal your heart,
To bring you joy, God’s love impart.”

Warm little fingers, tiny toes,
What a wonder to behold,

“Open your mind and heart,
Won’t you please,
To see God’s plan set out for me.

The joy so often spoken of in literature begins in your imagination. You are becoming a mother. Your self-awareness is changing. When you stop to realize that the baby in your womb is a real person, not a lump of cellular matter, your heart will guide you, your love will come alive. You are carrying a live human being inside of you; a person who will grow to love you, more than you know.

Table of Contents:

Part One

Woman to woman
Fear is useless, what you need is trust
God loves you, do not be afraid
Think about your future needs
The adoption option

Part Two

Epilogue: Inner peace