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Posted December 3, 2003

Book: Changes from Vatican II to the turn of the New Century: Evolving Visions of the Priesthood
Authors: Dean R. Hoge and Jacqueline E. Wenger
Liturgical Press, Collegeville, MN, pp. 226

Excerpt from Foreword:

There is little doubt that the pedophilia crisis has presented the Catholic Church — its bishops, priests and laity — with one of the most serious challenges of its long and venerable history. How the Church comes through this crisis, what kinds of changes will emerge on its far side, are at this writing very much in the air. The authors of this important new book on the priesthood, writing during the crisis but drawing heavily on survey data collected just prior to it, faced a considerable challenge: how to describe “evolving visions of the priesthood,” as the title promises, when the present situation is so fluid, so much in turmoil.

By not ignoring the crisis but at the same time taking a much longer view of continuity and change in the priesthood, the authors have met te challenge admirably in calling attention to important long-range trends in the Church’s priesthood. Such trends will no doubt play an important part in shaping responses to the present situation, but they continue to be important in their own right, the pedophilia crisis notwithstanding. The authors’ analysis, buttressed by recommendations from interviews with priests and commentaries by distinguished Catholic leaders, makes an important contribution to the Church and to all who are concerned with the future of pastoral leadership today, Catholic or Protestant.

Excerpt from Book:

To view a number of excerpts from this book please go to “Search.” Once into Google, hit jknirp and type in “Evolving Visions of the Priesthood.” Happy reading!!

Table of Contents:

1. He American Priesthood after the 1960s

2. Characteristics of Priests in 2001

3. The shifting emphasis in Ecclesiology

4. The new priests

5. Issues and needs felt by priests

6. The question of homosexual subcultures

7. Understanding the changes

8. Recommendations made by the priests

Epilogue: Effects of the 2002 Sexual Misconduct Crisis


Toward a Renewed Priesthood

Most Rev. Gerald F. Kicanas


Reverend Canice Connors, O.F.M. Conv.

The Search for Identity

Dr. Susan K. Wood, S.C.L.

Evolving Visions of the Priesthood: Reflections

Dr. Zeni Fox

Recapturing priestly joy

Rev. Gerald D. Coleman, S.S.

Trees, Trains, Trends, and Tugs-of-Wars: A Reflection on priesthood today

Rev. Nick Rice