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Posted July 8, 2014

Book: Walk in His Ways: A Monastic Journey of Life and Light
Author: Br. Victor-Antoine d'Avila-Latourrette
Liguori, Liguori, Missouri. 2014. Pp. 393

An Excerpt from the Jacket:

All years are filled with possibility, encapsulated as they are within the mystery of God and time. What do you want this year to bring? How can you balance your faith with the busyness you face every day, every year?

Br. Victor-Antoine d'Avia-Latourrette shares unique, personal insights in this daily monastic journal that will help you down the path to grace and spiritual strengthening. Through the simple, down-to-earth anecdotes of his daily life in rural upstate New York, stories of grace and connection to the saints, prayers, and reflections, Br. Victor-Antoine proposes a means to keep our minds and hearts grounded in the mystery of God. Deeply rooted in The Rule of St. Benedict, these reflections encourage you to live a life of simplicity and continual prayer, showing you the necessity of making time for God every day and encouraging you to live the Gospel daily, fully, and faithfully while seeking to find God in the silence of your heart.

An Excerpt from the Book:

July 1 -- St. Simeon the Simple, Monk in the Dead Sea Desert

July's Personality

Providence is the care God takes of all existing things. By St. John Damascene (675-749)

With July's arrival, we reach the period that becomes the heyday of summer. Everything in nature shows its full potential: incredible growth, a sense of fullness permeates every aspect of life. The almost perfect weather makes us appreciate why July is sometimes called "the middle age of the year.” Our gardens, ripe with fruits, odorant herbs, and lovely flowers, bestow on us a feeling of contentment and peace. They become truly a colorful, aromatic paradise, a symbol of the true paradise, our eternal home, where we shall dwell forever with God and the saints. My thoughts cannot go any further, I get lost when I reach that point. July somehow, mysteriously, contains the promise of the Lord's endless day, when God shall be all in all!