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Posted January 21, 2015

Book: On "Strangers No Longer" : Perspectives on the Historic U.S.-Mexican Catholic Bishops' Pastoral Letter on Migration
Edited by Todd Scribner and J. Kevin Appleby
Paulist Press. New York. 2015. Pp. 358

An Excerpt from the Jacket:

On "Strangers No Longer" is a collection of essays by Americans and Mexicans who offer their own perspectives on the difficult and controversial subject of migration.

An Excerpt from the Book:

Writing in support of the Student Adjustment Act of 2001, an immediate predecessor of the DREAM Act, Bishop DiMarzio, then chairman of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee on Migration, said,

HR. 1918 is much needed to assist young persons who have completed high school but, because of their lack of immigration status, are unable to access certain educational benefits which would allow them to attend college. These young people are bright and eager to receive a college education, yet often are unable to reach their full potential because they cannot obtain in-state tuition or federal tuition assistance. . .Perhaps the most important aspect of the Student Adjustment Act is that it invests in young persons who will contribute to the future of our nation as they grow and mature.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Historical, Pastoral, and Theological Perspectives

1. Immigration as a "Sign of the Times": From the nineteenth century to the present --- Tod Scribner
2. Pastoral perspectives on migration: immigrants as new evangelizers - Allan Figureroa Deck
3. A mission of reconciliation: theological perspectives of pilgrim people - Daniel G. Groody

Part 2: The Church and Immigration Policy

4. Legalization and the undocumented according to Catholic social teaching - Kristin E. Heyer
5. Migrant abuses and migrant worker programs in the context of Catholic teaching - Patricia Zamudio
6. Migration, development, and the right not to have a migrate in the new era of globalization - Donald M. Kerwin, Jr.
7. The changing social and political context of migration in Mexico: is there room for hope

Part 3: Special populations

8. The Catholic Church confronts the scourge of human trafficking - Terry Coonan
9. Refugees: working for more generous, just, and humane policies - Maryann Cusiman Love
10. Achieving the DREAM: Catholic support for immigrant youth - Colleen Cross

Part 4: Looking back, looking ahead

11. Illegal immigration, the bishops and laity: "Strangers no longer." - Mark Ensalaco
12. Moving forward: next steps toward immigration reform - J. Kevin Appleby
Afterword - Archbishop Maria Tomasi
Appendix: "Strangers no Longer: together on the journey of hope