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Posted November 5, 2015

Book: Seven Revolutions: How Christianity changed the world and can change it again
Authors: Mike Aquilina and James L. Papandrea
Image Books. New York. 2015. Pp. 269

An Excerpt from the Jacket:

In this book, authors Mike Aquilina and Jim Papandrea examine the practices of the Early Church --- a body of Chrisitans living in Rome --- and show how the lessons learned from these ancient Christians can apply to Christians living in the United States today. The book moves from the Christian individual to the family, the church and the world explaining how the situation of the Early Church is not only familiar to modern Catholic readers, but that its values are still relevant.

An Excerpt from the Book:

Do you remember the old song, "They Will Know We Ae Christians by Our Love"? We hope that statement will always be true, but in the post-Christian world (as in the present Christian world), it will probably be the case that they will also know we are Christians by our countercultural approach to life, values, and morals. To put it another way, they will know we are Christians by what we respect, and by what we reject. They will know we are Christians by what we reaffirm, what we resist, and what we refuse. This is how we will work with God to change the world, and this is how the world will be converted again.

A Christian's To-Do List for the Twenty-First Century

Reject Isolationism

Respect the value of every human life

Reject the culture of celebrity and humiliation as entertainment

Respect the humble, the laborer, and the poor

Reject the creation of a secular religion of the state

Respect religious freedom

Reject a defeatist attitude

Respect your neighbors

Table of Contents:

1. The church of the future can learn from the church of the past

2. A revolution of the person: the invention of human dignity

3. A revolution in the home: the new idea of family

4. A revolution of work: how labor became holy

5. A revolution of religion: God is love

6. A revolution of community: love your neighbor

7. A revolution in death: the conquest of the last enemy

8. A revolution of the state: religious freedom

9. The church can change the world again

10. A Christian's to-do list for the twenty-first century