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Posted June 24, 2014

Quotes from Pope Francis

Jun. 9, 2014
The Francis Chronicles

"St. Joseph's mission is certainly unique and unrepeatable, as Jesus is absolutely unique.

However, in protecting Jesus, in teaching him how to grow in age, wisdom and grace, he is a model for every educator, and in particular for every father.

. . . I ask for you the grace to be every closer to your children, allow them to grow, but be close, close!

They need you, your presence, your closeness, your love.

Be, for them, like St. Joseph: protectors of their growth in age, wisdom and grace. Guardians of their path, and educators: walk alongside them.

And with this closeness, you will be true educators.”

-- General audience on the Solemnity of St. Joseph, March 19, 2014

"The awareness of the wonders that the Lord carried out for our salvation should lead our minds and hearts to gratitude to God.

Fully living out our Baptism . . . means not becoming inured to the situations of degradation and poverty that we encounter when walking the streets of our cities and towns. There is the risk of passively accepting certain types of behavior and of not marveling at the sad realities that surround us.

We grow accustomed to violence, as if it were a normal part of our daily news; we get used to seeing our brothers and sisters sleeping in the streets, as they have no roof to shelter them. We are used to refugees who search of freedom and dignity, but are not received as they should be. We get used to living in a society that claims to be able to do without God, in which parents do not teach their children how to pray or how to make the sign of the Cross.

This inurement to forms of behavior that are not Christian, that are the easy way, anesthetize the heart!"