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Posted March 3, 2010

Book: Praying from the Heart of Holy Cross Spirituality
Author: Joel Giallanza, C.S.C.
Ave Maria Press. Notre Dame, IN. 2010. pp. 93

An Excerpt on the Book’s Purpose:

For the first time, the wisdom and spirituality of Blessed Basil Moreau --- founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross --- have been integrated into an interactive, thirty-day prayer companion that offers inspirational meditations and reflections.

Beatified in 2007, Moreau is widely celebrated for his courageous devotion to service as a priest, scholar, educator, and writer. The daily prayers in this unique text incorporate excerpts from his writings, homilies, and letters, all of which are designed to transform and nurture the spirit.

. . .The thirty prayers in this essential resource are made up of three distinct sections. First, “Awakening to God’s Presence,” includes translated adaptations of Moreau’s poetic words; second, “Living by God’s Grace,” functions as a daily mantra; and the third section, titled, “Acknowledging God’s Gifts,” contains a prayer designed to close the day. The multidimensional meditations of such a text allow one to engage in personal reflection but the accessible handbook will also function well in a communal setting, such as a prayer group or class.

An Excerpt from the Book:

Awakening to God’s Presence

Live a balanced life,
For neither
Discouragement nor pride
serves us well.
And neither
Truly reflects who we are.
God is more gentle with us
than we are with ourselves.
God balances
ups and downs
the good times
with the not-so-good times.
We could become
too proud
if all those around us
were admirers.
And disheartening
would be our lot
if all were critics.
We need
a discerning ear,
a listening heart,
a sense of balance
and humor.
We should not
expect only good times
and eschew the bad.
The important point
is to do everything
and accept everything
in conformity
to God’s will.

Table of Contents:

Meeting Basil Moreau

Living Holy Cross Spirituality

Using this book for prayer

A 30-Day retreat with Basil Moreau