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January 8, 2017

Peter: Keys to Following Jesus
Author: Tim Gray
Ignatius Press/Augustine Institute. San Francisco-Fort Collins, CO. 2016. Pp. 199

An Excerpt from the Jacket:

Biblical scholar Dr. Tim Gray masterfully guides you through the tumultuous and inspiring life of Peter ---from his "yes" to Jesus' call along the shore of the Sea of Galilee, to his denial of Jesus, from his preaching of Jesus Christ, to his martyrdom in Rome. Using Sacred Scripture and Tradition, Dr. Gray highlights important lessons from Peter's life, including:

- How to become a thrusting disciple and "cast into the deep"

- How to avoid the pitfalls of living discipleship at a distance

- How to repent and receive God's mercy

- How to become a bold witness to the love of Jesus Christ.

An Excerpt from the Book:

Considering Peter's betrayal of Jesus, we can see that it was preceded by his following Jesus "from a distance." If we follow Christ in a discipleship that is comfortable and easy --- from a distance --- we're setting ourselves up for a discipleship that will end in denial. You can't follow at a distance and remain a disciple for very long --- a true one, at least. Have you ever tried to follow someone in a car when you don't know the direction or where they are going? If you get separated because they go too fast or you have to stop at a light, then you are lost. To prevent this, you have to follow the car as closely as possible. It's the same way with Christ. Following at a distance might seem comfortable and easy at first, but eventually we get separated from Christ and then we're lost.

Table of Contents:

1. Put out into the deep: the making of an apostle
2. Capernaum: village of coming consolation
3. Faith not fear: walking in trust
4. Peter the rock: the primacy of Jesus
5. Peter and the keys: the primacy of the church
6. In the shadow of the Galilean: Peter's rising leadership
7. Discipleship at a distance: Peter and the passion of Christ
8. Peter and Pentecost: the transforming power of the Holy Spirit
9. Peter Bar-Jonah: how Peter came to Rome
10. Quo Vadis: Peter's way of the cross