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Posted November 5, 2013

Book: Living Well with Chronic Illness: A Practical and Spiritual Guide
Author: Richard Cheu
Dog Ear Publishing. Indianapolis, IN. 2013. Pp. 218

An Excerpt from the Jacket:

Learning that you have a chronic illness can bring on strong feelings of shock, fear, and despair at a time when you need to take action to have the best possible outcome. Don't let those feelings overwhelm you! This book will help you:

Take charge of your emotions and your thoughts

Let go of negative emotional baggage that is holding you back

Develop a new perspective and plan for your future

Use you illness for personal transformation

An Excerpt from the Book:

Create Peaceful and Meaningful Solitude

I place this first because happiness starts within, and the best relationships happen when you are at peace with yourself regardless of your present condition or circumstances. Above I mentioned the positive benefits of time spent alone, when you are quietly recharging your batteries after taking care of your responsibilities.

What will you do during your self-chosen solitude? Think about what is uplifting and restorative for you. Some possibilities:

Meditation, prayer, or quiet contemplation

Time spent in nature

Soothing outdoor activities like walking, biking, or kayaking done at a leisurely pace

Any other activity that you enjoy: reading, writing, listening to or playing music, artwork, hobbies, watching old movies.

Use this time to learn to be content with yourself and to create positive thoughts and feelings to counterbalance any negative emotions associated with your chronic illness. Practice being in the present moment, focusing only on your chosen activity and letting go of all worries about your illness and concerns about the future.

When you have learned to be alone peacefully you may be surprised to find that people will be drawn to your positive mental states.

Table of Contents:

Part 1 The Personal Impact Of A Chronic Illness

Chapter 1 Answering yes to life: expand your vision beyond your illness

Chapter 2 Take control of shock, stress, and grief

Part 2 Overcome Emotional Hurdles

Chapter 3 Life is change (and change is good)

Chapter 4 Let go of your excess baggage

Chapter 5 Overcoming loneliness

Part 3 Find New Meaning in Life

Chapter 6 Change your perspective to life a larger life

Chapter 7 Be inspired by others to overcome adversity

Chapter 8 Find meaning in your life story

Part 4 Free Your Spirit

Chapter 9 Your spiritual journey

Chapter 10 Ten powerful insights for moving beyond a chronic illness and living life to the fullest