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John Paul II Speaks To Religious: Book X
Compiled by Father Jean Beyer, S.J.
Little Sisters of the Poor, Baltimore, MD, 1997

First paragraph:

This volume gathers together, for the years 1997 and 1998, the principal messages, letters and allocutions of the Holy Father to consecrated persons and individual religious Institutes. It also includes texts of Saint Therese of the Child of Jesus as Doctor of the Universal Church. The collection of the teachings of John Paul II Speaks to Religious is thus enriched with a tenth volume.

I. - Magisterium of John Paul II
II - Particular Charism of Each Institute
III. - Charism and Ecclesial Life
IV. - Consecration
V. - Nature of Consecration through the Counsels
VI. - Consecrated Life, Theological Life
VII. - The Evangelical Counsels
VIII. - Christ and Consecrated Life
IX. - Life in the Spirit
X. - Mary, Mother and Model of Consecrated Life
XI. - Consecrated Life and Apostolate
XII. - Action and Contemplation
XIII. - Types of Apostolic Action
XIV. - Typology of Consecrated Life
XV. - Eremetical Life
XVI. - Cenobitical Life, Contemplative Life
XVII. - Cloistered Religious
XVIII.- Religious Priests
XIX. - Religious Brothers
XX. - Religious Missionaries
XXI. - Missionary Life
XXII. - Religious of Apostolic Life
XXIII. - Societies of Apostolic Life
XXIV. - Religious Life: Essential Elements
XXV. - Exigencies of the Religious Life
XXVI. - Rule and Constitutions
XXVII. - Sick and Infirm Religious
XXVIII. -Ecclesial Value of Religious Life
XXIX. - Religious Life and Secular Clergy
XXX. - Religious Superiorship
XXXI. - New forms of Religious Life
XXXII. - Renewal: Its Exigencies
XXXIII. - Present Dangers and Difficulties in Religious Life
XXXIV. - Secularization
XXXV. - Vocation, Divine Call
XXXVI. - Response to the Call
XXXVII. - Awakening of Vocations
XXXIX. - Those in Charge of Formation
XL. - Goals of Formation
XLI. - Priesthood
XLII. - Mission of the Priesthood
XLIII. - Bishops and Priests
XLIV. - Priestly Spirituality
XLV. - Priestly Vocation
XLVI. - Secular Institutes
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