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Posted March 27, 2006

Book: Joy: The Spirit’s Gigantic Secret Behind the Church’s Survival
Author: John T. Catoir
Alba House, NY, 2006, pp. 190

An Excerpt from the Jacket:

(Will be published in May, 2006)

“When the Mother of Jesus said, “My soul magnifies the Lord, my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,” she was acknowledging the Holy Spirit as the source of her joy. How blessed and fortunate we are to have within us the very same Holy Spirit that was in Mary, the Mother of the Church, and our spiritual mother. As the People of God, we magnify the Lord, just as Mary did. This means that we too extend and expand the Life of Jesus by willingly carrying Him in our hearts. Scandals may come and go, but we carry on in spite of it all, hating the sin, but loving the sinner just as Jesus did. We survive and prosper because the Lord is with us. The People of God have been created for happiness. We have been called to live joyfully because of the knowledge of God’s love. The fact that we have scandals in the Church from time to time does not diminish the glory of our calling; not by one iota. The Church has survived so well for so long because God is with us and in us, and He will always be there for us until the end of time. This is why St. Paul urged us to celebrate life: Rejoice always and in all circumstances give thanks to the Lord, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.”

An Excerpt from the Book:

Joy is the result of our intimacy with the indwelling Trinity. Jesus left us this Spirit to guide us in this life. Once again His words at the Last Supper tell the tale: I have revealed these things to you so that . . .your Joy may be complete.

Jesus wants us to be joyful. “Have confidence, and be of good cheer, says the Lord, in this world you will have many troubles, but I have overcome the world.

Listening to the Word of God in a spirit of obedience will eventually transform you into a creature of Joy and Peace. Not everyone makes it to this level. Faith may open the door for you, but surrender closes the deal. “If you obey Me,” says the Lord, “I will never leave you.” Faith is not merely a matter of pious devotions. Many pious people spend their lives whining and bringing others down. Jesus wants us to obey Him and draw from His Joy. Leave the path of self-pity. Be obedient and the Holy Spirit of Joy, Peace, and Love will abide in you. He does not show up at pity parties. Genuine faith, therefore, hears the words of Jesus and takes them to heart.

That means when Jesus says, “Cheer up,” you must try to snap yourself out of the doldrums. How? Guard your thoughts from negative thinking. Become your own best friend.

In order to be your own best friend you first have to dis-identify with your negative thinking, “I’m a bad person, God disapproves of me, etc.” You are not your thoughts; rather, you are the observer of your thoughts. You are responsible for the thoughts you allow into your mind. Dark thoughts will make you miserable. Why indulge in them? Remember you are responsible for your own happiness. Why diminish your chances of Joy?

Table of Contents:

1. Joy, the secret to the Church’s survival
2. Joy, the keynote message of Christianity
3. Joy, the Holy Spirit within
4. Joy, the love of Jesus
5. Joy, the enemy of evil
6. Joy, the answer of new age pessimism
7. Joy, the reward of forgiveness
8. Joy, the essence of pure prayer
9. Joy, the goal of matrimony
10. Joy, the fruit of the Cross
11. Joy, the by-produce of a healthy conscience
12. Joy, the art of speaking to God
13. Joy, the surrender of self
14. Joy, the gift of the Eucharist