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Posted June 28, 2010

Book: Interchurch Families: Resources for Ecumenical Hope
Editors: John C. Bush & Patrick R. Cooney
Westminster John Know Press. London, Louisville, KY. 2002. Pp. 91

An Excerpt from the Jacket:

Marriage and families are becoming increasingly complex. No longer can any of us speak with simplicity about what a “typical” family is like now that our vocabulary includes words like “single parent,” “blended,” and “multi-faith.” Interchurch Families is a brief, usable book designed for ministers and priests to use with congregants who are entering into or are already in, an interchurch (Reformed-Catholic) marriage. It can also be useful for laity involved in interchurch families. Chapters include “Sharing Life Together,” Pastors and Congregations/Parishes,” “Our Common Baptism,” “The Church,” “The Covenant of Marriage,” and “The Eucharist.”

An Excerpt from the Book:

In communities where we live and work side by side, it is essential that we seek opportunities for the Reformed and Catholic communities to know each other and work together in a variety of ways. Possibilities include shared study of the scriptures, community service, joint food pantries, and ecumenical prayer services. Recent developments in liturgical renewal have resulted in worship resources that seek to recover some of our shared liturgical traditions. These developments present a new array of ecumenical worship opportunities through Services of the Word, morning or evening prayer, and other forms of common prayer on a variety of occasions.

Of particular importance for our concerns here would be jointly sponsored support groups for interchurch families. The American Association of Interchurch Families and its international manifestation present a model for such an approach. Guidance and assistance in this regard are also available in a book by Father George Kilcourse, Double Belonging: Interchurch Families and Christian Unity.”

Table of Contents:

Sharing Life Together

Pastors and Congregations/Parishes

Our Common Baptism

The Church

The Covenant of Marriage

The Eucharist