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Rating the Sources of Satisfaction Priests Experience

There are many sources of satisfaction in the life and work of priests. Would you indicate how important each of the following is as a source of satisfaction to you.

Percent saying "Great importance":

All Priests Diocesan Religious

Joy of Administering the Sacraments and Presiding Over the Liturgy
90% 94% 82%

The Satisfaction of Preaching the Word
80% 80% 79%

Opportunity to Work with Many People and Be a Part of Their Lives
67% 65% 72%

Being Part of a Community of Christians Who are Working Together to Share the Good News of the Gospel
62% 59% 68%

Opportunity to Exercise Intellectual and Creative Abilities
55% 53% 59%

Spiritual Security that Results from Responding to the Divine Call
51% 51% 51%

Challenge of Being the Leader of the Christian Community
47% 53% 34%

The Well-Being that Comes From Living the Common Life with Like-Minded Priests
35% 26% 52%

Satisfaction in Organizing and Administering the Work of the Church
34% 38% 27

Respect that Comes to the Priestly Office
25% 29% 16%

Engaging in Efforts at Social Reform
23% 20% 30%

For a further understanding of the statistics above, please contact Dr. Dean Hoge at the Life Cycle Institute, The Catholic University of America, or click on this link to send him an email (Dr. Dean Hoge)

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