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Sources of Satisfaction for Priests Ordained One to Five Years and Priests Who Have Resigned Within Five Years of Ordination
(Percent Saying "Of Great Importance", Listed in Descending Order

Active Diocesan Active Religious Resigned
Administering the Sacraments and Presiding Over the Liturgy

97% 92% 85%
Preaching the Word

89% 87% 90%
Helping and Families in Their Daily Lives

79% 76% 82%
The Opportunity to Work With Many People and Be A Part of Their Lives

75% 74% 82%
Security that Your Vocation is a Response to the Divine Call

72% 54% 47%
Being a Visible Sign of the Catholic Church

54% 47% 28%
Administering the Life of the Church

46% 30% 35%
Being Respected as a Leader of Christians

37% 28% 35%
Living the Common Life With Like-Minded Priests or Members of Your Religious Community

27% 62% 26%

For further information on these statistics, please email Dr. Dean Hoge, Life Cycle Institute, The Catholic University of America by clicking on his name.

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