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Ways To Cope with the
Recent Sex Abuse Scandals in the Church

Eugene Hemrick

Gain composure through prayer and silence. Turn off the television and radio, and put aside the newspapers.

Prayer begins when we gather ourselves -- Louis Cameli

Contemplation is a sudden gift of awareness, an awakening to the Real within all that is real. A vivid awareness of infinite Being at the roots of our own limited being. An awareness of our contingent reality as received, as a present from God, as a free gift of love -- Thomas Merton

Gain perspective, and especially understanding by seeking accurate information, through discussion groups and respected web sites.

The principle thing is wisdom, get wisdom, and with all they getting get understanding --- Book of Proverbs

We know, not by a direct and simple vision, not at a glance, but as it were, by piecemeal and accumulation . . . by going around an object, by comparison — John Henry Newman

Excellent resources may be found at on the following web sites:





If you know an abused person, or come across angry people who are venting, cease to speak; listen and open your heart to them.

Speech must die to serve that which is spoken — Paul Ricoeur

There are times when quiet far outweighs the spoken word and is demanded by the moment — Anonymous

Remember that priests have feelings, and hurt. Remember also that they are the first to condemn sexual abuse; don’t pour out all your frustrations out on them.

What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness — Jean Jacques Rousseau

You can accomplish by kindness what you cannot do by force — Publilius Syrus — written one BC

Don’t forget that every Catholic is the Church; everyone of us, not just church authorities, have a responsibility to work out the solutions needed to arrive at reconciliation.

In unity there is strength — Author Unknown

Reconciliation is coming to an understanding our hearts have been longing for — Author Unknown