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Posted January 24, 2012

Guiding principles for finding a job and keeping composure after losing a job

Taken from Finding Work without Losing Heart by Fr. William Byron, S.J.

Confucius is supposed to have said, “A fool on a mountain-top can sometimes see more than a wise man in a valley.” Even I was smart enough to notice that you should strive to maintain outside interests and learn new fields while still in the top job. Because I did that, the interval between jobs for me was quite short.

Your personal worth transcends the ‘job.” When you wrap things up before departure, do it in the best possible fashion. You’ll feel better, and you will leave on a positive note.

Go after what you enjoy most and do best

Don’t ever turn a job down until after it is offered

Help others when they are in transition; they will likely be there for you when you need their help

Let your pride push you rather than hold you back

Let your values (as well as your conscience) be your guide

Keep balance in your life -- work, family, religion, friends, sports hobby --- so that when one goes ‘pfft!’ there are others to keep you going

Never let yourself be isolated; never assume ‘it cannot happen to me’

Don’t attempt a search on your own. Seek out a support group; it will keep you focused

You have to work your own way through the stages of loss to acceptance. But first you have to realize that your identity is not with your profession or company; it is tied into your personality, the kind of person you are. You also have to realize that most people will patronize you and cannot understand what you are going through. Come to terms with all of this and you’ll have an operating principle to direct your search.

Never, ever believe your job is secure

View the transition as a rebirth that has to come from within

Even if you are on the right track, you’ll still get run over if you just sit there

Less can be more --- it is possible to live on much less income and improve the quality of your life

Never let yourself get to the point where you have all the answers

Nothing is forever. Things change; people change --- especially at the higher levels within corporate America

Maintain and exercise your sense of humor; always have a plan, even in transition