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Grace Under Pressure: What Gives Life To American Priests
Blanchette, Melvin, Castelli, James, Hemrick, Eugene, Theroux, Paul, Walsh, James
National Catholic Educational Association [NCEA] , Washington, DC., 1995

Opening Paragraph
Anyone who reads the newspaper knows that Catholic priests in the United States face historic challenges. Pressures abound! The priest shortage grows more severe with no end in sight, producing greater demands on fewer priests to minister to a growing number of people. The explosion of lay ministry produces more and new questions about the role of the priesthood. There are questions and deep feelings within the Church around the issue of who should be eligible for ordination. There are the expectations that the priest to be an effective preacher, presider, teacher, theologian, canon lawyer, counselor, spiritual director, team and community builder, group facilitator, organizational developer, program planner, fund raiser, and financial manager. The scandals involving priest pedophilia cases that have come to light over the past decade have tarnished the priesthoodís public image. It is no wonder, then, that there is considerable talk about the crisis in priestsí morale.

Table of Contents and subtitles in each chapter:

Part One: What Gives Life to your Priesthood?
-- Risk-Taking and Change
-- Balance, Perspective, and Time
-- Authenticity
-- A Life of Multiple Intimacies
Other Priests
Support Groups
Laymen and Laywomen
Women Friends
-- Significance of Priesthood and the Mystery of the Call
-- Godís Love
-- Relationship with Jesus and the Paschal Mystery
-- The Spiritual Life
Mystery of Godís Activity in Life and Ministry
-- Drawing Life from the People
-- Listening
-- Service, Compassion, and Empowerment
Part Two: Related Questions
-- How do you deal with the controversies facing the Church today?
-- How do you see your role as a man in American society?
-- What advice would you give to seminary personnel today?

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