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Posted June 1, 2010

Book: U Got 2 Love
Author: Fr. Stan Fortuna, C.F.R.
Our Sunday Visitor. Huntington, IN. 2010. Pp. 254

An Excerpt from the Foreward

Love was the dominant force in the life of our beloved Holy Father Pope John Paul II. U Got 2 Love is a practical and well-documented presentation of the gift and mystery of this love. It’s like a little school of love.

Fr. Stan’s evident love for and devotion to John Paul II and his wonderful successor, Benedict XVI, makes this book useful in helping us continue the great legacy of love Pope John Paul II left for the Church and the world, especially for the young.

May all who read and reread this book be inspired to pass on the fire of this love heart to heart, more and more, every day. John Paul said, “Man cannot live with love.” Take this book and set the world on fire with love! Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz: Personal Secretary to Pope John Paul II

An Excerpt from the Book:

In addition to purifyin and elevatin the “erotic,” eros and agage continue marchin on, wieldin the energies of love, embracing “libido” — the psychic energy derived from the basic biological urges; plain and simple, it’s the stuff that makes up sexual drive. The purifyin and elevatin energies of love transform libido into what psychology calls affective energy. Lepp points out that “the same psychic energy nourishes the erotic love between a man and a woman, filial, paternal, and fraternal love, the love of science, of art, of philosophy, friendship, and even the mystical love of God.

The whole expression of the energy of “mad eros” does not allow those burin with love to remain closed-up and restricted in themselves, but moves them to become one with the one they love. It’s also seen in the symbolic gestures that spontaneously erupt deep in the poetic temperaments of those burnin with this “mad eros.” Jacque Maritain along with JPII and B16 refers to a “mad boundless love” that spontaneously springs up from the depths of the soul makin a transition from the “regime” or the regular customary way of doin things, to this more explosive spontaneous way of doin things with the passion of a great love combines with what he calls the absolute liberty of the spirit of God.

From Jacque Maritain, Notebooks

Who knows if some day mad, boundless love for God will not surge up from the depth of their soul with an irresistible force to take control of how they govern themselves, so that they find themselves brought from the regime of friendship to the regime of mad boundless love? Everything depends in these things on the liberty of the Spirit of God, which is an absolute liberty — and which can cause anyone, whatever his state of life may be, to pass under the regime of the gifts.

Table of Contents:

1. Is love possible?

2. Do you love?

3. Dare to love

4. Lessons of love

5. Language of love

6. The Great Commandment

7. Father of love

8. Word of love

9. Fire of love

10. Gift and mystery

11. The greatest mystery

12. God is love

13. Who is my neighbor?

14. Eros and agage

15. Forgiveness

16. As I have loved you

17. If you love me

18. Wound of love

19. Destined to love

20. One flesh

21. Crucified love

22. Mother of love

23. Communion of love

24. School of love

25. The Great JPII

26. Love’s great lovers

27. Love your enemies

28. Social doctrine of love

29. Civilization of love

30. Till the end of time

31. Love alone

32. The victory of love

33. To the end