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Posted September 21, 2004

Book: Eternal Seasons: A Liturgical Journey with Henri J.M. Nouwen
Editor: Michael Ford
Sorin Books, Notre Dame, IN, pp. 190

An Excerpt from the Jacket:

The cycle of the liturgical year engages us with an entirely different rhythm than our usual frenzied pace. It invites us to live time in eternity, to discover a new understanding of God and creation.

Henri Nouwen lived the liturgical year with sensitivity and imagination. The feasts and seasons inspired his sermons on the great mysteries of our faith. And praying the liturgical year gave him a glimpse of eternity in the present moment.

Nouwen’s responses to the spiritual seasons were often delicately woven into the fabric of his writing. Eternal Seasons gathers, for the first time, selections for an entire liturgical year from forty of Nouwen’s books.

This valuable companion features a thoughtful introduction for each of the liturgical seasons, followed by a generous selection of brief, readable passages. Whether focusing on the tenor of the season, the many dimensions of a feast day, or the import of a particular saint, these readings enable us to reflect and pray in closer harmony with the church’s years.

Eternal Seasons is ideal for personal reflection, group settings, and as a fresh resource for liturgical ministers of all Christian faiths.

An Excerpt from the Book:

Contemplating Christ’s Coming

The expectation of Advent is anchored in the event of God’s incarnation. The more I come in touch with what happened in the past, the more I come in touch with what is to come. The Gospel not only reminds me of what took place but also of what will take place. In the contemplation of Christ’s first coming, I can discover the signs of his second coming. By Looking back in meditation, I can look forward in expectation. By reflection, I can project; by conserving the memory of Christ’s birth, I can progress to the fulfillment of his kingdom. I am struck by the fact that the prophets speaking about the future of Israel always kept reminding their people of God’s great works in the past. They could look forward with confidence because they could look backward with awe to Yahweh’s great deeds. . . .

I pray that Advent will offer me the opportunity to deepen my memory of God’s great deeds in time and will set me free to look forward with courage to the fulfillment of time by him who came and is still to come.

The Genesee Diary

Table of Contents:

Advent: Season of waiting

Christmas: Season of peace

Epiphany: Season of revelation

Lent: Season of passion

Easter: Season of hope

Pentecost: Season of the Spirit

Transfiguration: Season of glory

Recollection: Season of remembrance