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Posted July 14, 2011

Book: Wisdom for Living the Final Season
Author: Kathy Kalina
Pauline Books & Media. Boston, MA. 2011. Pp. 97

An Excerpt from the Jacket:

Living in the shadow of a terminal illness poses the ultimate human challenge physically, emotionally, and spiritually. From her many years of experience as a hospice nurse, Kathy Kalina offers straightforward and encouraging guidance to:

Find hope, comfort, and meaning in the final season of life.

Choose your own attitude.

Find peace by letting go of the things weighing you down.

Prioritize how to spend your energy.

Grow in faith and love.

Know what to expect as death approaches.

An Excerpt from the Book:

The Spirit's Gift of Joy

It's hard to use words to define the emotion of joy, but we know when it happens. Sister Wendy Beckett describes it as something that may suddenly overwhelm and suffuse us, making us aware of the eternal, banishing fear, and awakening our minds to the truth that love is the foundation of all being. "Joy, in itself, is victorious over defeat: for in that joy-filled moment, and forever after in memory, we have risen above the struggle and entered into victory."

Table of Contents:

1. Own your feelings choose your attitude

2. Reclaim your life

3. Celebrate your personal style

4. Travel light

5. Prioritize

6. Take the scenic route

7. Become your very best self

8. Straight talk about dying

9. Crossing the finish line