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The Catholic Priest in the United States: Historical Investigations
Editor: John Tracy Ellis
United States Catholic Conference, Washington, DC, 1971.

Opening paragraph:

The troubled state of human life throughout the world in the 1960's intensified the difficulties which normally attend the life and ministry of priests. As co-workers of bishops to whom Christ entrusted the message and ministry of reconciliation, priests are men of God among men; they are in the world but not of the world; they must conform the world to Christ and avoid conformation to the world; they must please God rather than men. Their mission is that of the Church --- to unite men with God and with each other; their ministry --- a never changing one, must be sensitive to the changes in the life and conditions of those whom they serve.

Table of Contents:

The Formation of the American Priest: An Historical Perspective
John Tracy Ellis

Bishops and Their Priests in the United States
Robert Trisco

Before and After Modernism: The Intellectual Isolation of the American Priest
Michael V. Gannon

Diocesan and Religious Clergy: The History of a Relationship, 1789-1969
John P. Marschall, C.S.V.

The American Priest and Social Action
David J. O’Brien

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