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Book: Triumph: The Power and the Glory of the Catholic Church
Author: H.W. Crocker III
Prima Publishing, Roseville, CA, 2001 pp.499

Excerpt from Jacket:

For 2,000 years, Catholicism — the largest religion in the world and in the United States — has shaped global history on a scale unequaled by any other institution. But until now, Catholics interested in their faith have been hard-pressed to find an accessible, affirmative, and exciting history of the Church.

Triumph is that history. Inside, you’ll discover the spectacular story of the Church from Biblical times and the early days of St. Peter — the first pope — to the twilight years of John Paul II. It is a sweeping drama of Roman legions, great crusades, epic battles, toppled empires, heroic saints, and enduring faith. And there are stormy controversies: Dark Age skullduggery, the Inquisition, the Renaissance popes, the Reformation, the Church’s refusal to accept sexual liberation, and contemporary allegations like those made in Hitler’s Pope and Papal Sins.

Table of Contents:

Prologue: In hoc signo vinces

1. Fons et Origo

2. Under the Roman Imperium

3. Trial by Fire

4. Constantine

5. The War for the Empire

6. A New Barbarian World Order

7. The Restoration of Catholic Europe

8. The Rise — and Near Fall — of Christendom

9. The Crusades

10. Crusades in the West

11. Inquistion

12. Fleur-delis and Iron Cross

13. Renaissance

14. Turks and Protestants

15. Thrust and Counterthrust

16. A Century of War

17. Religion’s Retreat

18. Revolution

19. Revival and the Syllabus of Errors

20. The Century of Martys

21. The Global Struggle

Epilogue: A Few Good Men