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Current Issues:
Focus on -- The Church in Crisis


Bishop Wilton Gregory discusses sex abuse crisis in Catholic Church

Fathers Donald Cozzens and Stephen Rossetti Discuss Sex Abuse Scandal in Catholic Church


Hedges-Goettl, Len, Sexual Abuse: Pastoral Responses, edited by Daniel G. Bagby, Abingdon Press, Nashville, TN, pp.118

Trower, Philip, Turmoil and Truth: The Historical Roots of the Modern Crisis in the Catholic Church, Ignatius Press, San Francisco, pp.207


Researchers say priests concerned about gay subcultures in seminaries, By Jerry Filteau, Catholic News Service

The Long Awaited Study on the Fallout of the Sexual Abuse Scandals, Four percent of priests serving over last 50 years accused of abuse, by Agostino Bono, Catholic News Service

From the Hoge-Wenger Study, Is there a homosexual subculture in your diocese or religious institute?

Statistics to Ponder on Abuse Cases of Priests Between 1950 and 2002, By Agostino Bono, Catholic News Service


Thoughts of Priests on Pedophilia, From the book: Grace Under Pressure: What Gives Life to American Priests, NCEA, Washington, D.C.

50 Years -- Caution, Sexual Abuse – a Never Ending Problem/Sickness/Sin?, by Michael Swan, Catholic News Service

For Priests: Celibacy is not the Problem, Andrew Greeley, from the New York Times

Experts' Report at Vatican Faults Sex Abuse Policy in U.S., By Frank Bruni, Published: February 24, 2004, New York Times

Sex abuse audit report and national recommendations, by Jerry Filteau, Catholic News Service

The Cost of Sexual Abuse to the Church since 1950

Catholic Leadership Is Looking to Past, Not to Change, as Response to Scandal, By Laurie Goodstein, from the New York Times

Is the Sex Abuse Crisis in the Church Curtailing Contributions?

Scandal Is Stirring Lay Catholics to Push Church for More Power, By Laurie Goodstein and Sam Dillon

Catholic Bishops Unveil New Policy on Accusations of Abuse, By Laurie Goodstein, In the New York Times

Revised Policy Sets Tribunals for Priests Accused of Abuse, By Laurie Goodstein, as seen in the New York Times

The Vatican courts a schism, The Chicago Tribune, October 28, 2002

In Rejecting Sex-Abuse Policy, Rome Rejects Erosion of Authority, by Frank Bruni

Out of ‘Zero Tolerance,' New Support for Priests, By Alan Cooperman, Washington Post

The Question of Gays in the Seminary, from the Washington Post

Zero Tolerance? -- Taking Another Look, Gerald D. Coleman, S.S., Taken from Commonweal

The Bishop, The Scandal And His Plan, Gregory's '94 Experience Shapes Centrist Response, By Alan Cooperman, Washington Post Staff Writer

Media frenzy over abuse said to expose flaws in several institutions, By Michelle Martin, Catholic News Service

Pope Instructs Bishops Not to Ordain Those with Emotional Disorders, Says Celibacy Is Not Extrinsic to Priesthood

Bishops' sexual abuse committee expanded, By Jerry Filteau, Catholic News Service

Priests Concerned About False Accusations Speak Up, From the New York Times

Bishops Move Cautiously, From New York Times

Major ad campaign urging prayer, support for priests now appearing in national newspapers, magazines

Improving Pastoral Care and Accountability, In Response to the Tragedy of Sexual Abuse, Conference of Major Superiors of Men, Annual Assembly, Philadelphia, PA, August 10, 2002

Priests' Meeting Marks First Public Dissent Over Sex Abuse Policy, Resistance a Troubling Sign for Victims Groups, by Hanna Rosin and Alan Cooperman, in The Washington Post

Bishops' Policy on Abuse Questioned, Religious Order Leaders Voice Doubts but Will Obey, By Hanna Rosin, in the Washington Post

Eight bishops propose new plenary council of U.S. church, By Jerry Filteau, Catholic News Service

Dismissed priests have appeal option, but process remains unclear, By Christine Alexander, Catholic News Service

New Board on Sex Abuse Cases Asserts Its Authority, By Jerry Filteau, Catholic News Service

Bishops Select Lay Board on Sexual Abuse Review, By Laurie Goodstein, From the New York Times

Karl Rahner on What It Means To Be A Priest Today, Part II

Ways To Cope with the Recent Sex Abuse Scandals in the Church by Gene Hemrick -- thoughts, suggestions, quotes and web sites for reflection and contemplation

Catholic Orders Might Keep Abusive Priests, By Laurie Goodstein of the New York Times

'Betrayal': Covering the Church Crisis, By R. Scott Appleby, New York Times Book Review

Pedophila not just a clergy problem, police expert says, By Rachel Richmond, Catholic News Service

Catholic Clout is Eroded by Scandals, By Michael Powell

Bishops Face Obstacles to Tough Policy, By Alan Cooperman, Washington Post Staff Writer, Thursday, July 4, 2002

Legal Defense, by Mark A. Sargent, from Commonweal

Catholic bishops dissatisfied with national policies adopted to address child sexual abuse by clergy

At the bishops meeting in Dallas, the official discussion will be about the sex abuse scandal only. All other topics have been taken off the agenda. Commentator Gustav Niebuhr isn't surprised.

BC is leading the way on church reform, By Scot Lehigh, the Boston Globe

Humility and responsibility: Bishops can't exempt themselves from tough line applied to priests, by Raymond A. Schroth, Boston Globe, Sunday, June 23, 2002

Bishops start dealing with new rules on sex-abusing priests, by Jerry Filteau, Catholic News Service

In Hindsight, What Might Have Been Done, By Peter Steinfels

Church's critics gain from keeping scandal alive, by Joe Fitzgerald, Wednesday, June 19, 2002, Boston Globe

Crisis In The Church, Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Talk Given in Montreal, May 25, 2002

Bishop Wilton Gregory discusses sex abuse crisis in Catholic Church

Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People

Fathers Donald Cozzens and Stephen Rossetti Discuss Sex Abuse Scandal in Catholic Church

The Church at Risk, Remarks to the USCCB, Scott Appleby, University of Notre Dame, June 13, 2002, Dallas, Texas

The Present Crisis through the Lens of the Laity, Margaret O'Brien Steinfels, Commonweal Magazine, June 13, 2002, Dallas, Texas

Can the Church Survive? -- William Buckley Jr.

The Law Regarding Sex Abuse in the Church, from the Catholic News Service

Vatican Summit Concludes -- "Final Communique" Released as Vatican-U.S. Summit on Clergy Sex Abuse Ends

Scandals in the Church: The Los Angeles Cardinal, 50 Years Later, a Navigator on Rough Terrain, by Rick Lyman

Father Andrew Greeley discusses the pedophile problems in the Catholic Church

A Standard Society Expects Priests to Live By -- By Father Eugene Hemrick, in the Catholic News Service

A Pastor Shares His Heartfelt Feelings on the Recent Scandals

The Media and the Scandal By Tom Rowan from The Catholic Standard

The Catholic Church and Child Sexual Abuse -- by Father Stephen J. Rossetti, President of St. Luke Institute in Silver Spring, Maryland

A Battered, Yet Cherished Church -- From Michael Sneed's column of last Tuesday in the Chicago Sun-Times -- words of Carlo Carretto. She reprinted it from Winnetka's Sacred Heart Church bulletin

Psychological Treatment of Priest Sex Offenders by Curtis Bryant

Numbers by Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

Casualties in the Pursuit of Holiness

In These "Sad Days," U.S. Needs Holy Priests, Says Archbishop Foley

Seminarians' Reactions to Sex Abuse by Clergy

Letter from the Holy Father to Priests for Holy Thursday 2002

Addressing Pedophilia by Myles N. Sheehan, S.J.

"The Myth of the Pedophile Priest", A Researcher Puts Scandals in Context, by Philip Jenkins

Confessions of a Fallen Priest

Good Catholics, Good Priests — and Married

Protecting Against Child Sexual Abuse

A Damaged Church in Need of Repair

Sound Suggestions for the Church at This Time

A Brief History of the Official Catholic Response on Clergy Sex Abuse

For the Faithful, Trying to Reconcile Morality and Scandal

Important for faithful to talk about sex abuse

The Myth of the Pedophile Priest by Philip Jenkins