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The Changing Face of the Priesthood
Donald Cozzens
The Liturgical Press, Collegeville, MN, 2000

Opening Paragraph to Introduction

Heavy, fortress-like doors opened slowly and I passed under the vaulted entrance to Cleveland’s Saint Mary Seminary. I moved into a womb of monastic arches and chambers that promised to form me afresh and to carry me to birth as a priest. The seminary narthex held just enough light for me to find a place on a padded medieval bench placed against a cream stucco wall. It was early in the summer of 1957 and just a few weeks had passed since my graducation from high school. Applying for admission to the seminary required little reflection for me; I had wanted to be a priest for as long as I could remember. The priesthood of my childhood and youth, the only priesthood I knew, had but one face then, a face that defined the role of the priest for some four hundred years. I had no suspicion just how significantly the face of the priesthood was about to change.

Table of Contents:
Part I. Issues

1. Discovering an identity

2. Guarding one’s integrity

3. Loving as a celibate

Part II. Challenges

4. Facing the unconscious

5. Becoming a man

6. Tending the word

Part III. Concerns

7. Considering orientation

8. Betraying our youth

Part IV. Realities

9. The changing face of the priesthood

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