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Posted November 9, 2014

Book: John Paul II: The Saint who conquered the heart of the world
Authors: Valentina Alazraki and Msgr. Slawomir Oder
St. Pauls. New York. 2014. Pp. 254

An Excerpt from the Jacket:

In this book we are privileged to witness the impact of the life and work of perhaps the most beloved charismatic leader of the twentieth century: Saint Pope John Paul II. His story is presented by two individuals, one a journalist and the other the Postulator of his cause for canonization, who were very close to him from the beginning to the end of his pontificate. Speaking with a single voice, they testify to the invaluable legacy of the man who loved and lived in constant service to others. They detail the miracle that was approved for his canonization, an event which gives us all pause to recall the unbeatable spirit of this beloved Pope who changed the world and won its heart. Here are their stories, experiences and testimonies which together provide a unique biographical and personal account of the pontificate of this Pope who is now a saint.

An Excerpt from the Book:

One of John Paul's II's greatest manifestations of love toward God and man was his travels. On many occasions he explained that he did not want to live in a palace, isolated like a monarch, because his place was among people, and he could not ignore the humanity that surrounded him. Travel was a moral imperative to him. As pastor of the universal Church he felt compelled to take the word of God to the most remote corners of the world to demonstrate with his presence that God loves everyone without distinction of race, culture, and even religion.

He was a tireless traveler during twenty-six years; not even during his last year of life did he renounce doing it. He presented himself before the world as a pilgrim, a prophet, sometimes a crusader, inspired by a visible and missionary urgency that emerged from the conviction that only a world that recognizes God can be worthy of man.

From his first travels he understood that the message had to be joined by a presence, because making oneself present anywhere in the planet represented a signal of solidarity, of participation in the history of a people or nation. To those who criticized his large number of trips he responded that if he did not do it, he would be labeled as being indifferent to what happens in the world.

Because of love, the Pope traveled three times the distance between the Earth and the Moon, with his only objective being to give continuous and public testimony to the faith. With him, faith emerged from both its physical and moral catacombs. One of his achievements was that the faithful were once again proud to be Catholics, and stopped being afraid to manifest that pride.

Table of Contents:

1. The sanctity of John Paul II
2. Priest, bishop, cardinal, pope
The Cross
With those sick from AIDS and the sick of Mother Teresa

3. John Paul II's humanity
Man of love
Love of man
Man of peace
Man of forgiveness
Man of ecumenical dialogue

4. Thanks and testimonies
5. Floribeth, the miracle that made John Paul II a saint
6. John Paul II's relics
The traveling relic in Nigeria
The relic in Columbia

7. The beatification
8. John Paul II and Benedict XVI
9. John Paul II and Francis