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Posted February 25, 2013

Will War Lock Us Into a Combative Mood?

Eugene Hemrick

We never appreciate our sense of balance more than when it is disrupted.

We were blessed with peace not too long ago. But suddenly peace was ruptured by two wars that left us numb.

Our lives have been shaken by news reports on growing wars, the presence of family members and friends going off to fight them and about the impact these wars is have on our economy --- and on us.

Maintaining our sense of balance now becomes a challenge right up there with the need to resolve the wars quickly.

A balanced life depends greatly on how well we keep in touch with ourselves. Having a set of values that guide us is essential.

Unfortunately, war makes it difficult to keep in touch with ourselves. Media reports bombard us, taking possession of our thoughts and emotions.

But if we are to maintain sanity, we need to allow ourselves breathing room. We must step back from the news, think the wars through for ourselves and reflect on our values so that we know why we feel as we do. Staying in touch within our self is imperative!

These are fearful times! Interestingly, however, fear and love are interdependent. If we don't love we cannot fear.

Ironically, fear jars us into remembering how valuable love and life are. More than ever we realize how much loved ones, unity and peace mean to us. These values become more compelling when they are threatened, as they are now.

What do we fear?

We fear losing people we love.

Of course, we fear the war itself and terrorism.

Then there is the fear that emerges from contemplating the loss of harmony with another nation. For I believe few if any of us would want to be in the position of hating another just because he or she is associated with radicals.

How to overcome these fears and to restore balance is our biggest challenge.

More than ever before we must deepen the desire for peace, pray for quick resolutions and never let another person do our reasoning for us. Prayer, reflection and a clear desire for unity keep our hearts from hardening and steady us. Praying for what is right --- for the best --- is not easy, however.

The air is filled with hate and fear. Daily we hear reports of atrocities. We keep hearing that not only one or two nations, but several nations hate America.

Many news reports have centered on hatred and brutality. The result is that we, too, focus on war, its machines and its incredible capacity for destruction.

We risk becoming like spectators at the Super Bowl, analyzing the players' potential. The war becomes a spectacle and we become locked into its combative mood.

As the war and the coverage of it goes, so goes our sense of balance.

As patriotic people, we must do everything in our power to support our troops. As individuals, we must do everything to keep ourselves intact as persons.

It is essential at this time to practice the virtues of prudence and fortitude. This means keepings our powers of reasoning alive and refusing to succumb to a hardening of the heart.

Translation: We must maintain our balance in difficult times.