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Posted January 28, 2014

Book: College & University Chaplaincy in the 21st Century
Editor: Rev. Dr. Lucy A. Forster-Smith
Skylight Paths. Woodstock, Vermont. 2014. Pp. 337

An Excerpt from the Jacket:

Caregiver, educator, trustee of institutional traditions, public religious voice and occasionally, prophet: in an increasingly multi-faith, multicultural, global world, the role of the college or university chaplain has changed. This book examines experiences and perspectives that arise at the intersection of religious practice, distinct campus culture, student counseling and the secular context of the modern academic institution.

Contributors who are actively engaged in the work of college chaplaincy --- from educational institutions as diverse as Stanford University, Williams College, Jesuit-affiliated Creighton University and Louisiana's historically black Dillard University, and from many faith traditions --- explore the practices, theology and joys of campus ministry and the chaplain's calling to support, challenge, stir the imagination of and address the generation's urgent longing for connection and meaning.

An Excerpt from the Book:

Now a graduating senior, Amy Ketner sums up well the faith formation possible through student participation in our Hispanic/Latino ministry.

"The immigrant community at St. Mary's has demonstrated to me the diversity, strength and universality of the Catholic Church. The community members have showed me how our faith can manifest itself in unique ways and that we are all connected by our Catholic identity when we gather at the altar, whether for an immigration vigil or in the Eucharist. This has shaped the way I understood and thought about my faith during my time in college and will continue to do so as I leave St. Mary's and U of M. it gave me strength in my time working abroad in Peru for a summer, and it will continue to do so as I move to Chile for the next two years as a Jesuit Volunteer. Thanks to my experience with Catholics from around the world at St. Mary's I know that not only is God with me wherever I end up, but so too is my church and a community of Catholics who will love and support me as their sister. Whether working for justice or sharing the Body of Christ, regardless of our location, culture or language, I now rest in the confidence that I will always have a community of brothers and sisters. For me, this is one of the most incredible and beautiful blessings of our Catholic faith."

Table of contents:

Part I

Chaplaincy in a changing world

Part II

Multi-faith chaplains, multi-faith campuses

Part III

A heart for the community

Part IV

Caring at the crossroad

Part V

The chaplain and the secular