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Posted September 12, 2005

Statistics taken from the book, American Catholics: Gender, Generation, and Commitment by Willliam D'Antonio, James Davidson, Dean Hoge and Katherine Meyer. Alta Mira Press, New York

How Willing Are Catholics to Accept Changes in Parish Administration and Pastoral Services?

Percent saying they would accept changes

If these same questions were asked in 2005, parishes must ask whether there would be more or less acceptance. It might be good for parishes to randomly raise these questions with parishioners.

1985 1993 1999
No resident priest: only lay
Administrator and visiting priest
39% 56% 51%
Communion service led regularly
or occasionally by a layperson
* * 68%
Fewer than one Mass a week 28% 41% 41%
No priest to visit the sick 24% 41% 34%
No priest for last rites 15% 30% 20%