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June 1, 2010

Book: Catholic Replies: Over 800 Questions Answered
Author: James J. Drummey
C.R. Publications. Norwood, MA, 1995. Pp. 463

An Excerpt from the Jacket:

Have you ever been asked a tough question about religion and didnít have a good answer ready? You knew there probably was a good answer you have been looking for to some of the most difficult religious and moral questions of the day. Not only are these replies clear and concise, but they contain hundreds of quotations from the Bible, authoritative Church documents, and many other reliable and persuasive sources.

An Excerpt from the Book:

Q. I will be getting married soon and I am concerned about the traditional music for a Nuptial Mass. I understand that both the processional and the recessional have been frowned on because of their secular/pagan origins. Can you enlighten me about this? G.J.E., New Jersey

A. The processional and recessional refer to music played before and after the Nuptial Mass, and both are standard at weddings. While the traditional wedding marches are not of liturgical origin (Mendelssohn and Wagner composed the two pieces most often heard), they are generally permitted. Music within the wedding ceremony should be strictly liturgical.

Table of Contents:

1. Father, Son and Holy Spirit

2. Sacred scripture

3. Church and papacy

4. Salvation and ecumenism

5. Catholic prayers and practices

6. Mary, angels and saints

7. The last things

8. The sacraments

9. The Holy Eucharist

10. The sacred liturgy

11. Christian marriage

12. On human life

13. Christian morality

14. Miscellaneous matters