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Posted January 12, 2006

A Success Story on outreach to our Central and South American Catholics

San Antonio Catholics lead retreat
for peers in Honduran archdiocese

SAN ANTONIO (CNS) -- The San Antonio Archdiocese has been providing spiritual, social and material help to the people of its sister Archdiocese of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, since Hurricane Mitch dealt a blow to the Central American nation in 1998.

Each January, the U.S. archdiocese takes up an annual collection in January to benefit its Honduran counterpart. The multipurpose Centro San Antonio there includes a day care and nutrition center, runs a variety of programs and offers courses in job skills for adults and children.

But a new chapter in the San Antonians' outreach was started this past fall when 26 of them, including Auxiliary Bishop Patrick J. Zurek, led a special retreat for 45 Honduran men. Called an ACTS retreat -- an acronym for adoration, community, theology and service -- it is directed primarily to those within a parish to help them enter into a new or deeper relationship with God and fellow parishioners. Founded in San Antonio in 1987, the retreat sprang from the Cursillo movement, which seeks to promote individual and organized apostolic action.