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Posted June 10, 2014

Book: A Blade of Grass
Author: Fr. Josdhyan, IMS
Media House, Delhi, India. 2013. Pp. 200

An Excerpt from the Jacket:

Fr. Josdhyan (Josely Kalathil) is both a Catholic priest and a member of Indian Missionary Society. He hails from Gothuruth named island of Ernakulam District of Kerala State, India. He has taken a diploma in Fine Arts in Kaladharshini, Loyala, Vijayawada, Andra Pradesh of India. At present he does his priestly ministry in Arkansas Diocese of USA. Fr. Josdhyan is a person who keeps up good interest in arts and literature. A Blade of Grass is the 5th book published by him. . . It provides a mental exercise for readers to examine various subjects and reflect upon them and then ponder the relationship of these subjects to the reader's thoughts and experiences. Each entry leads readers to consider the subject and establish a connection or revelation, and then encourages the readers to respond by thought or action. The blade or lamina of a grass plant makes the best use of incoming light with the minimum amount of wasted space. The entries in this book likewise are primarily short and succinct and do not waste the reader's time. Thoughts --- randomly inspired or intentionally directed --- enter the human mind at an incalculable rate. The messages conveyed may linger or be stored for future guided action or be forgotten. How human process their thoughts is amazing and mysterious. However, humans can become weighted down by their daily thoughts of personal family matters and economic issues and narrowly focus their thoughts on themselves. Too often, humans are so busy and preoccupied that they need a resource like A Blade of Grass that challenges them to think outside their private box.

An Excerpt from the Book:

Over-fattened cow

Farmers have a saying: "Overfed cows remain barren." This outcome may be true. Some of those who are pursuing a higher education are like those cows. Over-educated! In today's uncertain job market, these very well-educated people may not be able to find a job to match their level of education.

Remember this, though. Unlike the barren cow, an educated person is not helpless. Lower your expectations a step and you may become employed. After all, time is money!


In our lifetime many good things happen. First we learn to suck our mother's breast, then to eat, to wear clothing, to play, to bathe, to acquire knowledge, to love others, to be sociable, etc. These are necessary steps in our human lives.

We ought to retain all that we have learned. But many of us reach a limit and reject learning more ways of improving ourselves. We do not exercise our bodies or our minds. On the path of life-steps, if here and there steps are missed, then an undesirable situation is created. Do not neglect physical or mental exercise because they are life sustaining steps.

Excerpts from the table of contents:

Beyond eyes

Shaving cream

Sea waves




Migrant birds


Fallen hair

Last smile


The bench in the park




From nails to screws