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Book: The Journey to Peace
Author: Joseph Cardinal Bernardin
Double Day, NY, pp. 151

Excerpt from Jacket:

Joseph Cardinal Bernardin (1928-1996) touched millions of people through his passionate witness, humble wisdom, and spiritual writings. In the final months of his life he shared his personal reflections in “The Gift of Peace”, a modern classic about finding inner peace in the face of life’s greatest trials.

As part of his rich legacy, “The Gift of Peace” has become an international bestseller and as brought courage, healing, faith, hope, an love to people of all backgrounds throughout the world. Cardinal Bernardin’s legacy is continued here in “The Journey to Peace”, a special collection of his previously unpublished spiritual reflections.

Using the Stations of the Cross as a framework, “The Journey to Peace” reveals the extraordinary faith, wisdom, and compassion of Joseph Cardinal Bernardin. Through these excerpts from his homilies, Cardinal Bernardin helps readers understand the relevance of Jesus’ suffering, death, and resurrection to their own lives, inviting all to join the journey that leads to peace.

Excerpt from Book:

Conversion demands that we have the “courage” actually to allow Jesus to take over every part of our life. True conversion means total commitment to the Lord. It means entrusting our entire life into his hands, holding nothing back from him. It does not exempt any part of our lives. This courage enables us to take the risks that such intimacy always involves when we allow someone --- the Lord, in this case, to enter our life fully and without reservation. When we become intimate with anyone, our life and our decisions are no longer simply our own. That is why intimacy with the Lord Jesus can be dangerous! It can demand radical changes of us. But as you know so well, the fruits of this intimacy are worth far more than the risks.


God, the rock of my heart, it is difficult to continue standing on Calvary. Its meaning is seeping deeper into my being, inviting me into closer intimacy with my crucified Lord. I know it means I have to make changes in my life. Send your Spirit to guide me and give me the courage and strength I need.