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Filling Our Homes With Prayer

by Florence Berger
in Worship, 1952

One author suggests that we set up "a prayer nook" in our homes which in time will become the very center of things. We in our family prefer to take family prayers out of "the nook" stage and consider all the house as holy. We have seen too much of the hiding away of the crucifix in the back bedroom. Too many "steal away to Jesus." I suppose if you could have one room set apart as a family chapel it would be very peaceful, but American apartments somehow forgot that extra room. In our case each time we managed an extra room by dint of building on, God sent an extra to fill it. Doesn't it seem that God wills to live in every room of our house? Should we not pray to God in every room of our house? Sometimes with more formality in choir formation, sometimes as children around our madonna, sometimes at ease at the table, or even over the pots and pans? Should not the sign of his cross be given a place of honor in the most honorable room, not in some hideaway? Then our house is marked as a house redeemed and our family as his chosen ones.

And in lieu of an altar we choose a dinning table as he did, in lieu of a formal altar cloth we choose a tablecloth which can express either feast or fast. For 30 years Christ chose to live in the intimacy of a home in Nazareth; it seems a pity to deny him any part of the houses where he lives today.