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Posted March 2, 2010

Book: Brother Andre: Friend of the Suffering, Apostle of St. Joseph
Author: Jean-Guy Dubuc
Ave Maria Press. Notre Dame, IN. 2010. Pp. 234

An Excerpt on the Book:

Known popularly as “Br. Andre,” this humble man’s recent progress in the cause for his canonization has sparked even greater interest among his many devoted followers. On February 19, 2010, the Vatican formally recognized Br. Andre as one of six candidates to be canonized a saint later this year. Pope Benedict XVI announced that the date for Br. Andre canonization has been set for October 17, 2010. With Br. Andre now in the final steps on the path toward canonization, anticipation builds towards his being officially made a saint, which will extend his devotion to the universal Church and make him the first saint of the Congregation of Holy Cross.

Pope John Paul II lauded Brother Andre Bessette of Montreal as a “man of prayer and friend of the poor.” This book tells the extraordinary story of this unassuming man who, showing exceptional courage and indefatigable faith, led a life dedicated to the relief of human suffering, and its timely publication coincides with recent progress in the cause of Brother Andre’s canonization.

More that seventy years after his death in 1937, this humble member of the Congregation of Holy Cross remains beloved for his mercy to the sick, his devotion to St. Joseph, and his role in the construction of the majestic Oratory of St. Joseph in Montreal – a place of pilgrimage for millions each year.

An Excerpt from the Book:

Brother Andre, whose death made the headlines, was neither leader nor prelate. Yet, he was revered by all.

On the radio, broadcasters kept repeating the news of the day: “The Mount Royal miracle-worker passed away last night. . . .” No statesman or public figure could have drawn such attention. The person who had just died had touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, who, over the past fifty years, had visited him, sought his help, and prayed to him. He had listened to them. He had talked with them. He had shared their suffering and sorrow. Suddenly, these people felt alone, as if abandoned. Only Brother Andre could claim the affection of so many. He was the friend of thousands upon thousands of people, from the lowly to the mighty, from the downtrodden to the powerful, from the poor to the rich. He was unque, and now he was gone. He was leaving his friends behind.

Table of Contents

1. A glorious death

2. Years of poverty

3. The brother porter

4. The importance of friends

5. The friend of the suffering

6. Saint Joseph’s friend

7. The man behind the name

8. The saint

9. From chapel to church

10. Saint Joseph’s Basilica

11. Thoughts and comments