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Posted January 20, 2006

Book: Spiritual Advice from John Paul II: 365 Days of Inspiration
Compiled by Mary Emanuel Alves, FSP and Molly H. Rosa
Pauline Books and Media, Boston, 2005, pp. 370

An Excerpt from the Introduction:

Each step along the journey of life brings with it the possibility for new insight, deeper understanding, and greater appreciation for the effort purposeful living requires. However, we can find ourselves struggling to see and to hear what life is telling us, let alone appreciate the hard knocks that are often the watersheds to growth. At moments of difficulty or particular need, we seek out the advice of a trusted friend or persons reputed for wisdom and holiness. Buy why not benefit from such people every day? In the Old Testament Book of Sirach we read, “If you see a man of understanding seek him out; let your feet wear away his doorstep!” (6:36).

Pope John Paul II easily stands out as one of the greatest spiritual giants of our times. His compassionate understanding of the human condition and his profound intimacy with God have inspired countless people of every walk of life and faith tradition to listen to and take to heart his wealth of wisdom. The treasure of this collection of his words allows us to walk alongside John Paul as companion pilgrims on the same journey.

An Excerpt from the Book:

January 19
Whoever reflects on the history of the Church with eyes of love will discover that despite the many faults and shadows, there were and still are men and women everywhere whose lives highlight the credibility of the Gospel

January 20
Decide to listen to Christ and be imbued with the strength of divine grace.

January 21
Following the example of Mary, we must learn to educate the heart to hope, opening it to the “infinite love” of God, who makes us exult with joy and gratitude. For those who respond generously to the Lord’s invitation, the happy and sad events of life become the topic for a confidential discussion with the Father. These events become the occasion for unceasing rediscovery of their own identity as beloved children called to participate with a specific and personal role in the great work of the salvation of the world, which was begun by Christ . . .

February 17
St. Therese of Lisieux commented in her autobiography: “As a lever, God gave the saints prayer that inflames with the fire of love, and this is how they lifted the world” (Gli scritti, Rome, 1979, p. 307). Yes, God alone is our true and unfailing support, just as love and prayer are the only sure spiritual levers with which it is possible to lift up the world.

February 18
Bring your questions and fears to the Lord, for in God you will discover life’s true meaning and your own vocation in this world.