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Maurice & Therese: The Inspiring Letters Between Therese of Lisieux and a Struggling Young Priest
Author: Most Rev. Patrick Ahern, D.D.
An Image Book published by Doubleday, New York, NY 1998.
Opening Paragraph of Preface:

My interest in St. Therese of Lisieux goes back to 1939 when I first read her autobiography and knew she was the saint for me. She convinced me that someone as ordinary as I could aspire to the love of God which filled her heart to overflowing --- in my own more modest measure, of course. The book has remained the companion of a lifetime and has never lost its power to sustain me.

Opening Paragraph of Introduction:

When St. Therese lay dying in the Carmel of Lisieux, she overheard a conversation which amused her. The infirmary window was open and two nuns outside were discussing the obituary which by custom was sent to other Carmels when one of the sisters died. They were wondering what could be written in hers that might be of interest, since she had never done anything exceptional . Therese was amused and smiled with pleasure, for she had succeeded in keeping the low profile for which she always aimed.

Table of Contents:

I. A Leap of Faith
The Correspondence of Maurice eliere to Mother Prioress of Lisieux

II. Souls Made to Understand Each Other
The Correspondence between Maurice Belliere and Therese of Lisieux

III. Africa
The Correspondence of Maurice Belliere to Mother Gonzague and Father Andre Adam

IV. The Passion and Death of Maurice Belliere

V. Epilogue