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Posted January 23, 2014

Book: 7 Secrets of Confession
Author: Vinny Flynn
MercySong. Stockbridge, Massachusetts. 2014. Pp. 208

An Excerpt from the Jacket:

"I want to go to Communion so I have to go to confession"

Sound familiar? To many Catholics confession is just a means to an end: cleaning us up from sin so we can receive Communion. But, as Pope Francis tells us, "confession is much more than "going to the dry cleaner." It's "an encounter with Jesus, who waits for us as we are."

In 7 Secrets of Confession, Vinny Flynn explores the "hidden" truths of this encounter with Jesus, presenting what to many will be whole new way of going to confession, and inviting you to begin an exciting personal journey to healing and holiness.

If you do not look forward to confession in the same way you look forward to Communion, read on. It will change your life.

An Excerpt from the book:

It's Not Just about Forgiveness

We come to confession to be healed --- St. Faustina Diary

At countless talks, retreats and missions I've asked thousands of people a simple question: "If you could only use one word to explain the purpose of confession, what would that word be?

The answer is always the same: forgiveness.

But it's the wrong answer.

Now don't burn me at the stake yet. Of course confession is about forgiveness. But that's just one part of a much broader purpose, and the word that best expresses that purpose is healing.

. . .I think the main reason we keep returning with the same list of sins is that we don't understand what Christ wants to do in the confessional. We go simply wanting our sins forgiven, not realizing that He wants to do much more. He wants to heal us of the attitudes, disordered desires, problems, and wounds that are causing us to keep committing those sins.

And, just in case you're wondering, this isn't just my personal "Psych 101" view of confession. It's the clear teaching of the Church. If you look for information about confession in the Catechism, you won't find it under "Forgiveness." You'll find it under "Sacrament of Healing."

Table of Contents:

Forward: Beyond a grocery list

1. Sin doesn't change God

2. It's not just about forgiveness

3. Your sin is different from my sin

4. Confession is never really private

5. New wine needs new skins

6. You have to let go of your chains

7. Change your oil!

8. Don't forget the hors D'oeuvres

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